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A professional drive without limits

The Sinergias Business Club is made up of more than 150 entrepreneurs of different nationalities and sectors, who collaborate with each other to generate business.
The club is divided into 12 groups led by Godmothers or Team Leaders, who provide personalised support to each member, fostering alliances and collaborations within their group, and synergies with the other groups.
Buying, sourcing, referral, collaboration and selling activities take place within the club on a weekly basis, fostering bonding and business between members.

The club is now a community in which every member has a voice, a place and unanimous support from the rest. There is a strong sense of belonging in which year after year the members continue not only to generate business, but also for personal convention, to be part of that part of the business fabric that cares about the economic and sustainable growth of our environment, as well as to support while growing while maintaining an active social balance.

Our differentiation lies in the vibrant energy and diversity of events we offer, in the large capacity we bring together at every step, in the diversity of nationalities we count on and in the personalised support we provide to each associate.

Benefits of the project

Form part of a communication network on WhatsApp with more than 150 entrepreneurs segmented by sector in order to be able to carry out personalised campaigns.

Joining a specialised group in your sector, so that you can keep up to date with the latest news and events, as well as create alliances with professionals in your sector.

Unconditional and personalised support from your Sponsor (Team Leader of your group) from the moment you join the club, to advise you and encourage you to create alliances and synergies within the club.

Visibility and voice in different media (TV, press or radio, in English or Spanish, depending on your target audience) through planned interviews with the different collaborators of the club, which you can use as advertising campaigns for your brand.

Online dissemination of your company and events in all our media (web, RRSS, WhatsApp ...) and among our contacts to give voice to your steps.

Alliances with various business clubs, associations and companies to promote synergies and promotions with their members and at their events. In addition to having prices in these actions to strengthen your positioning strategy.

Events: We offer a variety of events with different formats, schedules and objectives, so that you can choose the one that best suits your objectives and all of them are carefully planned in detail. They are the best option to position yourself in your sector and to meet your future clients, collaborators and referrers of your brand. We have already planned the whole year so that you can organise your agenda and not miss any event.

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Click on the image to maximize its size.

We have the whole of 2024 planned so that you can organise all your successes.

The power of success

Together we are stronger.

Our impressive growth has been highlighted by various media, giving voice to our steps in television, radio and written press.

Furthermore, as a great support for the entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol, we have the backing of the Marbella Town Hall and its Mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz.

Our values

We are committed to society; therefore, every year we select the non-profit organizations or associations most voted by our members to support them and give them visibility in all our events.


We collaborate with various business clubs, associations and companies to promote synergies, promotions and discounts for our members. We also keep our members informed about a wide variety of events and fairs, offering strategic prices designed specifically for our members.

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