The Godmother or Team Leader plays a key role within Club Sinergias, as she is the leader of each group and provides support and accompaniment to each member from the moment they arrive. The Godmother is an experienced businesswoman, with a wide network of contacts in her sector and exceptional communication skills.
This way she fosters collaboration between her godchildren and promotes synergies between members of other groups. Her role is vital in guiding each partner through the process.

Helena Olcina

Founder of the Club, Helena was selected as one of the “Successful Entrepreneurs of the 2011 Generation” by La Razón, and as a model entrepreneur to give motivational talks on entrepreneurship in schools in the capital by the prestigious Rafael del Pino Foundation; a regular contributor on television, she has been interviewed several times in different media for her support for entrepreneurship and for the successful events in Madrid and Marbella.

An all-rounder mother, friend of her friends, authentic, spontaneous, vital and cheerful, she is a whirlwind of ideas and enthusiasm.

Svetlana Ciliuta

With a degree in economics, she founded the real estate agency DC Marbella, which she manages as a financial and investment advisor in precious metals.
In Marbella and in the Metaverse, she manages the investments with great mastery, achieving that all the members increase our capital.

Noble, professional, intuitive … she is Vice President of the club and a great strength in the club.

Gema Díaz

Online marketing consultant, CEO of Food Canal and Target Video, she has been an entrepreneur for more than 15 years between Madrid and the Costa del Sol, bringing magic to each of her projects.

A born achiever, funny, noble, passionate, optimistic and tireless, she is a light on the path for all of us.

Mercedes de Diego

Tireless entrepreneur, this Madrilenian has been for years Commercial Director in large accounts until she created her companies, which she left to enjoy the quality of life on the Costa Del Sol and to practice what always gave her strength, therapeutic and energetic massages.

She is a godsend for the whole club.

Carolina Castro

Writer, life mentor, Life Coach, expert in positive psychology, mindfulness and emotional management, she is also an international speaker and content creator.

Founder of the International School of Human Consciousness, she helps others to improve their lives on an emotional, spiritual and mental level, using her own “CHAOS” method.

She is a Motivational Star in the Club.

Paula García de Lera

Graduated in Fashion Design and with a Master in accessories in Milan, she has been working for 29 years for different brands such as Damiani, L. H&M…, until 2004 when she created her brand of handmade accessories baptised with the magical name PAUER, with which she won the Creative Business Award of the City of Milan and the European Social Fund.

Elegance and nobility in its purest form.

Rosa Barrios

A tireless and innovative entrepreneur, she has made her brand as well known in the real estate sector (where she has had real estate agencies in San Pedro and Estepona Port for 24 years) as she is respected, which has allowed her to dedicate part of her time to helping and transmitting peace, energy and light through yoga and different retreats.

A strong and resilient woman, always committed, she is a bundle of vitality, joy, honesty and love that we all adore.

Vanessa Ortiz de Zárate

VaVe for friends, a wonderful all-rounder, is a trainer of trainers, social and educational activist, organiser of academies and training workshops for young people, summer schools and coordinator of events for the development of sustainable agriculture; Councillor in the Marbella Town Hall, she belongs to several cultural groups and with her brand “by VaVe” she takes motivational messages around the world beautifying it.

A rarity as beautiful as it is necessary

Ketty Morilla

Multifaceted, brave, fun, sincere, versatile, capable and a nonconformist fighter, she puts her heart in everything she does.

For these virtues he has received several recognitions for his work, the most recent being “Best Territorial Agent”, and although his main profession is that of Insurance Agent, he has managed to combine it with his vocation as a singer after 25 years on the best stages in Andalusia. and her passion as a creative baker.

Esther Castro

A professional in the financial and insurance sector for 15 years, she has been carrying her motto “You are the sum of the people you help to shine”, which has made her, as well as Godmother, Ambassador of Malaga in the club, creating a bridge between Marbella and Malaga and leading the strategic alliances and communications that the position requires.
Gentle, capable, creative, noble, empathetic, resolute, all-rounder

Carmen Morillo

Her passion for canine beauty has led her to perfect her skills in this field and found Glam Dog.
Her quest for excellence has led her to become certified in coaching and to keep herself in continuous training at a business level, but what fills her most is the possibility of helping, contributing and collaborating with people, which is why she is the “Responsible of Alliances with NGO’s” within the club.

Elegant, strong, noble, capable and very committed, she is the voice and heart of those who need it most.

Dayana Abreu

Trained in several countries until she was trained in micropigmentation and beauty, this creative and perfectionist professional has been correcting, improving and highlighting the essence of people for 13 years.

Passionate about sport and nutrition, she maintains a balance between body and mind that has led her to position herself as a reference in her sector.

Sweet, friendly, responsible and very capable, she brings balance and vital energy.

Rianna Martínez

After having lived in several countries, she decided to settle in Spain after feeling this particular culture as her own and making it her home.

The daughter of a diplomat, she is an expert in combining international relations with multicultural education, which has led her to create connections and projects in the areas of branding, marketing and linguistic services.

Sweetness, simplicity, creativity, culture and heart in one woman capable of connecting synergies all over the world.


Club ambassador

Charismatic producer of the television programmes “Marbella RTV” and “Good Morning Spain” she has given visibility to many members and with her strength and creativity she supports the club every day promoting the integration of the international and local community as Ambassador of the group “Empresarias del mundo”.

Fun, authentic, noble, sincere, loyal and committed to society and committed to society, she is a lucky girl on our way.

COVA Fernández

Image consultant

An all-round make-up artist, she has been working for more than 15 years in all areas, highlighting the beauty of each person, whether on catwalks, television or private events. A creative and differential support in the club’s events.

Fun, creative, noble and crazy, she has made us all fall in love with her.


Director of Press and Media

The value of the singular is her motto, because of her professional experience and after having contributed to the success and growth of hundreds of clients, this honest journalist claims that the different becomes more visible if they move in the right channels.

Writer of the successful book ‘Secretos empolvados’ (Powdered Secrets), her real reflections set out from a unitary and unwavering thought.

Fabiana Camare

The Club's Community

With a degree in Performing Arts with a major in Dance, she studied Classical Ballet and other dance genres such as Folkloric, Commercial, Artistic and Acrobatic Dance from the age of 7. Trained in online communication, she is the one who puts movement, colour and sound to each step of the club.

Tender, sweet, noble, creative, she is art in movement.

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