If someone had told me three years ago that bringing professionals from various sectors together in a single space to support each other would become the backbone of more than 150 entrepreneurs generating business among themselves every day, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Attending our monthly events and meeting entrepreneurs I admire for their professional and personal trajectory, as club partners, fills me not only with pride and gratitude but also with an enormous responsibility that drives me to give my best in every step and word.

Many partners write to me asking for advice on how to strengthen their brand or acquire clients, and I advise each one personally based on their goals. But what I always remind everyone is that “we live in the best place in the world, between a mountain that shelters and a sea that strengthens. Marbella offers us as much diversity of opportunities as the nationalities residing in it, in a very intimate and unique way, through the senses, because on the Costa del Sol, business is conducted through social relationships, combining professionalism and enjoyment with the utmost naturalness, because this climate demands it, and our history supports it.”

This is one of the reasons that enamored me with Marbella and why I decided to undertake here. A single mother, with my entire family in Madrid and no one to refer me or open a door for me, with a dream as a partner and a lot of enthusiasm as support for all those days when nothing goes well.

Today, my company, Marbella Family, operates independently and supports my family. Now, I can focus on growing this club that helps so many entrepreneurs, providing the services I would have liked to have during those lonely or uncertain moments. I remind all partners that they can achieve their dreamed success because they are in the perfect place and moment to do so.

Congratulations to all of you for this!

Helena Olcina

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